2D Arcade brick breaker and level editor.

Ultra Break paddle

What is Ultra Break?

Ultra Break is a 2D Arcade brick breaker which retains the fast paced gameplay of classics like Arkanoid, while complementing them with modern mechanics and features. Developed by New Zealand indie game studio Autotelic, Ultra Break is slated for release in early 2018.

Combos are the key.

Chain together huge combos to increase your score multiplier and conquer the online leaderboards.

Master each level by earning super, hyper, and ultra combos to unlock permanent new abilities, upgrades and play modifiers.

Player ability

Chrono shift

Charge your chrono shift power to slow down the action and line up the perfect shot.

Player ability

Phase shift

Master your Phase shift ability to quickly traverse the field.

3 worlds, 60 levels

Fast paced, challenging action featuring varied environmental features and hazards to interact with over 60 levels

Level editor

Create, share and play user generated levels.
Ultra Break gives players access to the same tools Autotelic uses to create levels.

Access a potentially unlimited amount of levels created by players around the world!

Define your own play style.

Mix and match abilities, upgrades and modifiers.


Ultra Break abilities

Equip powerful brick breaking abilities like the firestorm, plasma cannon and gravity bomb. Choose 2 rechargeable starting abilities and collect more power ups as you play.


Ultra Break abilities

Customise your play style by earning and equipping upgrades before and during your run. Upgrades grant active and passive bonuses to players, and are unlocked as player progresses.


Ultra Break abilities

Challenge yourself by adding optional gameplay modifiers. Each modifier equipped at the start of a game enhances the games difficulty in a different way. But with great risk comes great rewards as your max score multiplier also increases with each mod equipped.

Game modes

2 unique game modes.


Race the against the clock across 3 different worlds.

Choose your two starting abilities and power up your ship with new upgrades as you progress. Chain and maintain combos to increase your score multiplier and stay ahead of the clock.


A retro throwback to a more traditional brick breaking experience.

60 levels of back to action, three lives, and enhanced versions of arcade modes abilities.